Why choose MultiRIP for your RIP software solution?

Welcome to MultiRIP, a leading RIP software for the Decorated Apparel Industry. Our philosophy is simple: Provide quality RIPs at affordable prices and provide customers with a complete, online resource for technical support. Find out why garment decorators are choosing MultiRIP as their RIP software of choice by downloading a trial version and check out our online technical support resources.

We offer three different types of RIP software programs depending on the garment decorator's needs. Click on the link below for additional information on the RIP software program that fits your need.


The leading hybrid RIP allows for two different inks to be used in one printer at the same time to print:
* Halftone Printing for film
positives for screen printing
* Sublimation transfers with ArTainium & SubliJet IQ inks
* Digital Inkjet transfers for MultINK and Chromablast inks
* Photo / general printing

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A film positive RIP for creating halftones for screen printing:
* Over 15 types of films preloaded with density curves
* Choose to run 1 to all channels of black ink
* Adjustable ink curves
* Automatic nesting and previews capabilities
* Used for manual and automatic pad printing as well

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A non-branded version of the same dtg RIP software used by the OEMs with:
* Auto white underbase controls and features
* Print From & Print To apps.
* Product run capabilities
* Dual CMYK & CMYK+White Ink modes
* Drives multiple types of Epson print engines

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